This Is What I’d Like To Do: A Dedication

I’d like to be able to promise my children I’ll keep them safe…always.

I’d like to wrap them up in cotton wool and hide them away on a remote island.

I’d like to tell them there are no baddies in the world, only good people.

I’d like to always hold their hand wherever they go. 

I’d like to stop them from ever witnessing violence and abuse. 

I’d like to protect their ears from hearing bad words, their eyes from seeing bad things. 

I’d like them to never experience hate, loss or prejudice.

I’d like to keep them wrapped up in a soft quilt of love and protection. 

But I’d also like them to explore the world. 

I’d like them to experience new tastes, sounds, people.

I’d like them to experience the joy of trying new things.

I’d like them to feel how people can love and look out for one another. 

I’d like them to know that for every monster out there there are a thousand angels. 

And most of all I’d like them to live life to the full, no matter how much that terrifies me. 

Because those who have been cruelly snatched away from their loved ones can no longer do that.

Children, parents, brothers, sisters, friends who have been innocent victims of evil in our world. 

Most recently in Manchester and London.

I’d like to dedicate this to them and their families.

And promise them we will let our children go; to experience life without fear.

That’s what I’d like to do.



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