Mr & Mrs S.H.I.T. Hit Annie’s Chiswick


I decided to take Mr S.H.I.T. out to one of our favourite haunts, Annie’s in Chiswick, last night. And it delivered the perfect ‘date night’ as it always does.

Unassuming Annie’s on the corner of a Chiswick residential street

We have been rubbish at organising any one on one time together, so with Granny in town (I can’t bring myself to call her Granny S.H.I.T. as she’d be mortally offended, and I’m not sure she really is so happy in town as whenever she comes to visit, she frequently asks “but don’t you just find it so noisy?”) I decided to embrace the opportunity of not having to call round all the teenagers we know to see if they fancy putting the little S.H.I.T.s to bed.

Annie’s shabby chic interior is just up our street. Deep red velvet sofas, cool vintage chandeliers, distressed furniture. All the quirky things I’d love in my own house.

The dimmed lighting creates a cosy intimacy. We were given a table for two by the window – bonus so I can look at the goings-on in the world outside when Mr S.H.I.T. is looking at his phone and ignoring me.

This hidden gem really is hidden as it could be mistaken for the corner house on this residential street which looks on to the River Thames.

Love the vintagey look

We opted for a bottle of rosé which appeared within seconds – always a good start. The service was super speedy throughout the evening, almost a little too fast for the food but for the wine, that’s always a winner.

I gave my usual ‘gluten free’ spiel (so bored of saying it but obviously it’s a must in order to avoid puking and the other within the hour – the joys of being a coeliac) and the waiter ran off to double-check with the chef on everything I asked about. Nothing was a problem.

The Dorset crab and avocado salad we both ordered to start was brought with gf bread. It puts my mind at rest when a restaurant has gluten free bread as it means they do really know what they’re talking about in that department. I’ll never forget when the waiter in one well known London establishment asked me, immediately after I’d finished giving my spiel, whether flour was OK then. Oh man. I was in trouble there.

Anyway, this is never a fear at Annie’s. The salad was delicious as was my monkfish curry for main. Spicy but not too overbearing – a lot of wine was needed to wash that baby down, but then I’m a lightweight in the spice department. Mr S.H.I.T. had chargrilled lemon chicken breast which he inhaled with gusto.

I felt like a big fat pig when I asked for the dessert menu while my hot date opted for a peppermint tea. Sorbet was my only option which it often is as all the yummy options are usually full of floury-type ingredients. So I then ordered a scoop of every flavour just to prove that I can.

And I rolled home, after a lovely catch up, in lovely Annie’s with my lovely date. He only looked at his phone six times, and I only snapped his head off four times for not looking interested enough in my chat. A sign of a very good night.


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