Welcome to So Happy In Town / S.H.I.T., a place for parents out there who know that as much as everything can seem tickety boo and peachy sweet at times, at others it can seem like a double helping of shit has been royally dolloped all over the place.

And that’s why I founded this blog in 2016, to talk about just that – the good shit and the bad shit, the funny shit and the not so funny shit, with the main message being that we’re all in it together.

I live in London with my three children, the Little S.H.I.T.s, and my husband, Mr S.H.I.T. and this blog talks about all things family: parenting issues, tweens, teens, mental health, marriage and the joys of middle age.

A passionate advocate for young people’s mental health, in 2019 I launched the S.H.I.T. Tee campaign, with the main message for young people being that it’s ok to feel shit, but it’s a lot more ok if you don’t feel alone.

Celebrities such as Joe Marler, Jason Leonard, Nell McAndrew and Lucy Benjamin all offered their support with over 400 readers buying T-shirts.

100% profit from every single tee sold went to YoungMinds, raising an incredible £7000 in total.

The second campaign in support of YoungMinds is now underway, this time selling both T-shirts and tote bags, with the hope of raising more money and awareness amongst young people that it’s ok, and it’s really good to reach out and talk.

So I hope you enjoy sharing the highs and lows with me, and keep being forever S.H.I.T. (sorry mum, there was an awful lot of shit going on there, I know!).



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