I have to say, I can’t quite believe that little old So Happy In Town has made it to the finals of the BritMums Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2017 in the Fresh Voice category. 

This news has clearly tickled me pink but mostly I feel grateful. 

Grateful to those people who encouraged me to start this blog in the first place.

Grateful to those of you who have stuck with it and read my S.H.I.T. posts every week.

Grateful to the blogging community who have welcomed me in and been incredibly supportive.

Grateful to Mr S.H.I.T. and the Little S.H.I.T.s for their endless support, and for just letting me call them that.

And of course, very grateful to anyone who took the time to vote for me in the BiBs17

I started this blog back in January of this year because I wanted to share the highs and lows of life as a parent – the good shit and the not so good shit. As much as we are so happy in town, it’s not all running through the sunny streets of London, holding hands, and guffawing at each other’s funny one-liners (of which Mr S.H.I.T. has many of course). 

At times life gets tough, and it’s important to share those times too, because we’re all in this together.  

My main aim has been that if I can make just one person chuckle and relate to the funnier side of parenting, and if I can touch just one person out there with the more serious issues I write about, then this blog is all worthwhile. And I hope, so far, I’ve managed to do that. 

It’s a huge honour to be recognised by BritMums in the Fresh Voice category, and it’ll be a huge honour just to be amongst the great talent of the other nominees at the awards ceremony.

So a big thanks again for helping me get this far, and of course I’d be so grateful for your vote in the finals, which you can do here.

Thank you, and keep being forever S.H.I.T. xx


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