Kate epitomised Cool Britannia 

Now that I’ve hit the glorious 40’s, I can’t help but feel nostalgic.

I know we’re not meant to look back, it’s all about being mindful, mindful, mindful.

But I can’t help hankering back to one particular decade. It’s not the 80’s and my mighty fine mullet. Or the millennial years – they’re just a bit of a blur. But the 90’s.

Oh the 90’s were the dogs’ and here’s why…

  • You were actually the same age as the cool kids of the time – Damon Albarn, Kate Moss, Sara Cox, Jay Kay. No slander of ‘saddo’ could be cast therefore, when trying to be like them.
  • The Word. Terry Christian, Amanda de Cadenet, Dani Behr, Mark Lamarr – the cool chaos of it all.

Ah Terry, that shirt, that voice…what wasn’t to love?

  • People. Smoking. Everywhere. Not saying this was a good thing, of course, but I have to admit, I quite miss a good old smokey pub.
  • Snogging, getting off with…what happened to the lingo of 90’s young love? What’s all this ‘hooking up’ business they talk of these days? Isn’t that something you do when fishing?
  • Home and Away at 5.10pm, followed by Neighbours at 5.35pm. What a sweet, sweet time of the day.
  • Arranging to meet mates and then actually meeting them. At said venue and said time. I know, crazy.
  • Parents dramatically tapping their watch to get you off the one and only home phone. To be fair, you’d been on to your best pal for an hour, and it wasn’t even after the 6pm watershed.
  • Thinking email was some weird thing that only a few overseas students did late at night in the tiny computer room in the library. Where was that computer room by the way? Handwritten essays all the way.
  • Kate Moss and Johnny Depp, Michael Hutchence and Helena Christensen, Liam Gallagher and Patsy Kensit – man those couples were cool.

  • Anthea Turner and Peter Powell, ok maybe not so much….
  • Man U football team and that class of ’92. Both fairly hot and brilliant at football.
  • Thinking Tony Blair had it covered. We were going to be Cool Britannia again. If Noel was hanging out with him at no. 10, then he was good enough for us.
  • If you wanted to lose a little of the beer belly, then you just had to eat one less sausage roll at lunch for a couple of days. None of this chastising yourself for months and months on the one-frozen-pea-a-day diet, only to find you weigh even more than when you started.
  • The Big Breakfast. What you wouldn’t do to be on that silky bed with Denise or Johnny (more Denise, let’s be fair – I think I speak for both boys and girls).
  • Hangovers didn’t exist. You’d heard of them and sometimes pretended you had one, but really you could quite easily have got stuck into another five pints of snake bite n’ black the next morning, no probs.
  • David Beckham wasn’t actually all that hot. Could even go as far as to say he was just above average and dare I say, punching above his weight with Posh. And then look what happened?

What’s going on with those curtains David? But all was soon to change…

  • You always looked young, no matter how little sleep you’d had the night before.
  • Shooting Stars. Ulrika was still cool and George Doors, the fat baby on drums, was soon to be one half of the legendary pairing behind Little Britain.
  • You could hang out in big, baggy, denim dungarees and not look like a giant, middle aged toddler.
  • Blur or Oasis? It didn’t really matter because as good as they both were, neither were quite as good as the Stone Roses.
  • Hours spent in Flip of Hollywood rifling through skanky, old, ripped grass stained 501’s, the skankier the better.
  • Take That and the Spice Girls were guilty pleasures, reserved for loud singing in the confines of your bedroom walls (which were covered in extremely edgy photos ripped out of I-D and The Face).
  • You were well ahead of the time with your own homemade ‘ombre’, courtesy of far too much Sun-in.
  • Twisting my melon man was nothing to do with your kids getting their five a day.­­
  • Renton or Sick boy? That was the big question – the first time round.

  • Screens were something you looked through when you were learning to drive. Or those of the smoke variety on Top of the Pops.
  • The only way a trump was going to get anywhere near the White House was if Bill or Hillary let one rip after a cheeky chicken jalfrezi  on a Friday night.
  • If someone had offered you Brexit, you’d have presumed it was some kind of new chocolate bar, possibly a cross between a Breakaway and a Twix.

Ah those were the days. Thank you for allowing me to fondly reminisce.

Let me know what made it for you.


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